Burning of  manmade debris (trash) is unlawful in the state of North  Carolina, regardless of how or where it is burned.  Garbage pick-up is provided to all county residence  either as a service or for a modest charge. Additional  information can be obtained by calling your local  government or local waste carrier.

Burning of vegetation such as yard trimmings, pruning,  leaves, etc. which originated on the property is  allowed, unless pick-up by your local government is provided (Clemmons does ptovide pick-up service, so burning is not allowed). In those areas where burning is allowed, the  smoke from the fire must not create a nuisance, and the fire must be completely out by 6  PM The burning must start no  earlier than 8:00 a.m. and no additional combustible  material may be added to the fire after 4:00 p.m.

If yard waste pick-up is  provided as a service to all citizens, it is illegal to  burn. You are not allowed to burn within the  Village of Clemmons because Clemmons provides leaf/limb  service.

Burning of land clearing materials such as logs and  stumps is allowed only if strict conditions are met.  
Before burning contact the Village Of Clemmons to verify  that all conditions are met. No fires should be left unattended and should occur more  than 50 feet from a structure. A nearby water supply  
and/or fire extinguishing equipment should be readily  available as stated in the Forsyth County Fire  
Prevention Code.

Absolutely no burning is allowed for anyone when a  
burning ban is in effect. These bans are authorized  
through the Forsyth County Fire Department and/or the  
North Carolina Forest Service when atmospheric  
conditions or local circumstances make burning a  

For More Information Contact one of the followingt
at 336-703-2440
at 336-766-7511